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    lovesense lush



    A collection of modes for your Lovense vibrator


    • market - control your vibrator according to inverse stock market momentum
    • morse - read, via morse code vibrations, the Interior Scroll by Carolee Schneemann
    • neo - track asteroids approaching the Earth via pulses (frequency = distance, intensity = momentum) - data from CNEOS


    • A Lovense device that uses Bluetooth LE (e.g. the Lush but not the Max or Nora)
    • A working BlueZ stack with the gatttool command available on your path
    • A (free) api-key from Alpha Vantage (required for market only)


    Copy Config.toml.example to Config.toml and configure each property.

    bd_addr = "A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6"
    alphavantage_api_key = "ABCD1234EFGH5678"

    bd_addr is the Bluetooth address of your Lovense device. This is always required. You may omit alphavantage_api_key if you do not wish to run market.

    Then build and run (e.g. via cargo):

    $ cargo run -- morse
  • 100 Chicken Shops (London)

  • Inflatable Rosa

    Inflatable Rosa gets ready

    Above: Inflatable Rosa Getting ready for day at the beack with the Whittingdale residency group. Whittingdale is an ongoing residency under the Tory government. Meat Rosa had to go on a residency in Cornwall at Hay Studios so inflatable Rosa stepped in.

    Below: On Beach Day we, as aritists, were attempting to literally emerge.

    Inflatable Rosa comes with accessories (Sketchbook, laptop, phone, headphones, backpack, King of Art crown) and is 100% right hemisphere.

    Beach Day Beach Day Beach Day
  • Work for Bathroom Residency

    Drawing for Alejandra

    Work Bathroom Residency at Sophie Chapman's house. All work shown one-on-one in the bathtub.

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